Estate, Tax and Asset Protection Planning

The Top 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes

  1. Failure to have a current updated Last Will and Testament stating who will receive your property and who will be appointed Guardian to take care of your minor children
  2. Failure to review and update your survivorship assets and beneficiary designations to make sure your assets are going to your heirs as definied in your estate plan
  3. Failure to execute Financial Power of Attorney and Health Care Documents so your family can manage your finances and make your health care decisions if you are disabled or incapacitated

Learn about the action steps you can take with your business for each of these common mistakes, along with mistakes 4-10, in this Estate Planning Seminar Video for Business Owners.

Bill’s Story & Entrepreneurial Journey

Listen to the Right & Ready Radio podcast to discover how William Hesch transitioned from being a Big 4 Tax Partner with Deloitte to a thriving business owner, managing his law firm & CPA firm over the past 20 years.

William Hesch: “Leading Lawyer” in Cincinnati Estate Planning for Thirteenth Consecutive Year

William (Bill) Hesch is an experienced attorney who is uniquely qualified to find the best legal, tax and financial solutions for your business, your family, and you, and to give you peace of mind. His accessibility to you by phone-day or night-shows he really cares about you.

His education and experience are very unique. As a practicing certified public accountant (cpa) for over 35 years, he brings years of experience as a former Big 4 tax partner, former CFO for a $70 million privately owned company, former auditor for a local CPA firm, and a business advisor for owners. In 1988, Bill was one of the first 400 CPAs to be certified as a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) and today there are only 4,700 CPAs in the country and only 56 CPAs in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area who are a PFS. A PFS is a CPA who specializes in financial planning. Bill is one of the very few CPA/PFSs in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area who are also practicing attorneys.

If you are seeking a legal solution to your business or personal problems, you may need to coordinate meetings with your attorney, CPA, and financial planner. Once you have discussed your problem with each of them, they will need to communicate effectively with each other and seek a solution that addresses all the legal, accounting, tax and personal financial issues involved. With Bill, you have each of those perspectives covered all in one person.

Bill’s expertise as an Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, and Financial Planner is further illustrated in his TV interviews on Channel 9 News. Since June 2007, Bill has been interviewed over 25 times on various estate, tax and financial planning topics. Visit the video library to see his live Channel 9 TV interviews. His peers in the legal community have also recognized Bill as a Leading Lawyer in the Trust and Estate area of Cincy Magazine in each of the past thirteen years.

Contact Bill for a consultation by phone, in your home or in Bill’s office.

Amy E. Pennekamp-2016 Super Lawyers® Rising Star

Hesch Law’s Amy E. Pennekamp was recently recognized as a 2016 Super Lawyers Rising Star.  Congratulations Amy!  Find the details on the recognition here.

Estate Planning Self-Assesment

If you would like a self-assessment of your estate planning issues, complete the Estate Plan Self-Assessment Guide here and identify which issues you need to discuss with your attorney, CPA, and financial planner. Instead of calling all three of your advisors, you may want to consult with Bill to get a quick assessment of your situation and peace of mind.

Honors and Awards

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