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New Ohio Trust Code Means New Duties

The new Ohio Trust Code (OTC), which directly affects your revocable trust, became effective January 1, 2007. It was enacted to make Ohio’s trust provisions similar to the Uniform Trust Code adopted by many other states. The new rules potentially compromise the privacy of your trust since beneficiaries now have rights to access information and receive notifications about the trust. Keeping your trust information private may or may not be a high priority for you. However, it’s important to understand how the OTC affects your original trust provisions.
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3 Reasons Online Estate Planning Can Devastate Your Family

The Top 3 Reasons How Online Estate Planning Documents Can Devastate Your Family and Leave Them in Financial Ruin

With the help of Google, Youtube, and other search engines, the internet has turned us into a “do-it-yourself” society, where everyone can learn how to change their oil, self-diagnose their medical condition, or do their own legal work. The internet can be an amazing resource if you’re trying to save money. However, using the internet to save money may not be wise for more advanced tasks, including estate planning.

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Bill-Hesch-WCPO | Hesch Law

Bill Hesch will be interveiwed by Jenell Walton on the WCPO Channel 9 News show “The List”!

Bill Hesch will be interviewed by Jenell Walton on the WCPO Channel 9 News magazine show “The List”! The show airs weekdays at 7. Bill will talk about the 3 best ways to spend your Tax Refunds and it is scheduled to air one evening next week. “The List” brings viewers the hottest topics of the day in one-of-a-kind list form and features stories from right here in the Tri-State, mixed with national and global trends.

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