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Business Lawyer & Financial Planning Basics – Cincinnati

Business Entity Formation (Sole-Proprietorship, LLC, Corp)

If you’re setting up your own business in Cincinnati, make sure you set it up right by forming the entity that helps brings maximum tax benefits and protects the interests of all the owners. We can provide the Cincinnati financial planning basics for your business. A seasoned entrepreneur himself, attorney Bill Hesch helps privately-held businesses determine whether to operate as a sole proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp.

“There are many Cincinnati tax planning basics and legal aspects to consider when selecting the type of entity you want to create and how to structure it,” Bill comments. “Creating the right business entity can help save a company significant tax dollars. Structuring a business correctly also affords the owners protection for their personal assets. For instance, we have a lot of clients who own real estate, and we try to help them secure their personal assets by creating limited liability companies (LLC) that separately hold their investment properties and business.”

Asset Protection Planning | Succession Planning

Only a fraction of family businesses survive the first generation. The ones that do, however, firmly develop succession plans to apportion membership interests and responsibilities among family members and key employees. Bill Hesch works with clients to explore the long-term financial solvency of their businesses and to implement strategies that minimize taxes and secure the business for years to come. If you need Cincinnati succession planning let us help you!

Cincinnati Financial Planning – Employment Contracts

When you bring someone on board, make sure the expectations of both the company and the employee (or independent contractor) are set in place. Fundamentals like job descriptions, compensation terms, (un)paid leave, covenants-not-to-compete and moral turpitude polices notoriously spurn workplace litigation that can be costly to the company- and to the company’s reputation. Defining these issues, however, in a written agreement makes things easier on everyone.

Bill Hesch’s flexibility allows him to draft unique contracts or to review your company’s existing documents. Because of his responsiveness and commitment to the company’s legal, tax, and financial health, many business owners see him as the “in-house counsel” who happens to work out-of-house.


Protect your Cincinnati and/or Northern Kentucky real estate investment by having Bill Hesch and his team prepare your deeds, mortgages, leases and related documents.

Whether you’re leasing commercial or residential property, Bill Hesch will develop an equitable lease agreement custom-tailored to address what matters most to you. We provide personal financial planning in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.