Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection-Estate Planning-Probate Attorney

Cincinnati, OH-Northern Kentucky

At William E. Hesch Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping you preserve and protect your assets from creditors, estate and income taxes, lawsuits, long-term care costs, and probate costs. Asset protection is a strategy that works as a safety net to protect your property, business, and savings from lawsuits or other claims arising from your personal liability. If you are personally liable for damages to another party and they obtain a judgment against you personally, your assets may be seized by your judgment creditors. As an asset protection attorney, I identify strategies to minimize having your assets seized by your judgment creditors or being depleted by taxes and medical expenses.

William Hesch and Amy Pennekamp are asset protection attorneys who work with clients to plan their estate and structure ownership of assets and beneficiary designations to protect assets from judgment creditors. In particular, professionals who may be personally liable as a result of their professional negligence (i.e. doctors, attorneys, CPAs, architects, etc.) may need to structure the ownership of assets in other family members’ names, use irrevocable trusts or other estate planning techniques to protect their assets from judgment creditors.

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